It is imperative to keep your pool in a perfect condition to get the most from it. For 30 years, we have been providing pool services in residential and commercial premises. To ensure that all clients get top-notch services, we have put in place a customer care team that works round the clock responding to emails and calls from clients.

Why should you hire us:

  • We have the skills and expertise required to carry out a wide array of pool repair and maintenance services
  • We maintain a high level of diligence and transparency before, during, and after service delivery
  • We use modern equipment and tools to service our clients pools
  • We can work under tight deadlines and deliver the expected results
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Access to customer care support 24/7

Here are some of the pool repair and pool maintenance services that we offer.

Pool Heat Pump Repair, Installation, or Replacement

The heat pump is one of the most important equipment in your swimming pool. Its main role is to help control the water temperature at all times. We have a team of technicians that have the ability to install, repair, and maintain the pump to ensure that it is always working efficiently. The heat pumps that we will install are technologically advanced and environmentally friendly as they use solar energy to warm the pool.

Acid Wash Pool Cleaning

You can save money that you would have spent on a pool remodeling or pool refinishing project by ensuring that your pool is always clean. We can restore your pool to its original status by acid washing it. Over the years, we have mastered the art of using various superior cleaning reagents to get rid of stains, spots, and debris that settles at the bottom of the pool overtime. The reagents that we use will not tamper with the original paint or corrode the walls or the floor of the pool. The stunning end results that you will get will surely add elegance and beauty to your pool and home as a whole.


Poor Maintenance

We have the equipment and skills required to carry out small and large-scale maintenance on your pool. For instance, after a heavy downpour, we will come and clean up all the debris that ends up in and around the pool, remove trees that might have fallen around the pool area and check if any of the pool equipment such as the heat pump was tampered with.

Other pool services that we offer include:

  • Patio, driveway, and pool deck pressure washing
  • Pool leak detection
  • Swimming Pool and Spa Automation
  • Installation and Maintenance of a Salt Pool System
  • Pool Cleaning and many more

Get in touch with us today for exceptional and comprehensive pool repair and maintenance service packages on your budget.